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Questions & Answers

What is a Cub Scout Pack?
A Cub Scout pack is a group of Cub Scouts, adult leaders, and parents who belong to the same Cub Scout unit. A pack generally draws its membership primarily from elementary schools in the local area. Each pack is made up of Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear and Webelos dens. Cub Scout Packs are sponsored by Charter Organizations.

What is a Charter Organization?
A Charter Organization is the sponsoring organization for a Cub Scout pack, usually a church, PTA or other community group. The primary responsibilities of the Charter Organization are to select the leadership of the pack and provide a meeting place. Each year, the pack must renew its Charter with its local council. The Charter Organization must approve the re-chartering application in order for the Charter to be renewed. Pack 922's Charter Organization is the Orange Volunteer Fire Association, Inc. Orange, CT.

What is a Cub Scout Den?
A den is a small group of boys (ideally 6-8) of the same grade (age) level. Each den meets usually on a weekly basis for about an hour to work on achievements and other activities. The den is led by an adult Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader(s), who are responsible for planning and conducting the activities at each den meeting.

What Does It Cost to Join?
The membership fee for Cub Scouts is $95 per year. A subscription to Boys Life magazine is included, payable when you register. In addition, most dens collects dues (generally around $5-10 per month) to cover the cost of den activities.

The membership fee covers:
Registration fees and insurance for scouts.
Quality or Honor Unit patches.
Advancement patches, belt loops, pins, trophies, and other awards for Scouts.
Scouts will also need to purchase a uniform from the council store. Uniforms can last all cub scouting years (Wolf through Webelos) if bought large enough.

When and Where are Pack Meetings Held?
Pack meetings are held monthly throughout the school year. Meetings are held on the First Monday of the month unless otherwise specified. Pack 922 meets at High Plains Community Center in the cafeteria. The calendar provides exact dates, places and times of all pack meetings.

What are Pack Meetings Like?
Each pack meeting is planned around a theme, such as "Genius Night", "Pinewood Derby", "Blue & Gold Banquet", etc. Most pack meetings will include songs, skits, games, advancements, adult recognition, raffles, refreshments, and other activities. The master of ceremonies is the pack Cubmaster. All Cub Scouts and at least one parent are expected to attend. Cub Scouting is a family activity and all family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Pack meetings are always lots of fun.

When and Where are Den Meetings Held?
Den meetings are usually held once a week, although it is up to the individual Den leadership and parents to decide how often and at what time meetings will be held. A Den meeting can be held anywhere the Den parents agree upon. Most den meetings will be held at the High Plains Community Center in Orange, CT. However, some dens reserve space at their local school or church for meetings.

What are Den Meetings like?
Den meetings usually start with a short opening ceremony (e.g. Pledge of Allegiance) and announcements. Then the boys begin working on the project of the day. In den meetings boys work on a wide variety of projects, all with the development of a particular skill in mind. As the boys progress through the ranks (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) they will be introduced to subjects such as; building, fixing, cooking, camping, hiking, arts & crafts, music, games, environment, leadership, fitness, science, and communication, just to name a few. Each den chooses its own direction under the guidance of its leaders. Sometimes den meetings will involve outdoor activities (e.g. hiking, sports) or a field trip (e.g. library, fire station). Den meetings usually end with a short closing ceremony (e.g. recite the Cub Scout Promise), and then snack. Although the purpose of the den meeting is to develop skills and learn, the emphasis is always on having fun.

Who Runs the Pack?
The pack is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. The Pack Committee, which consists of the Committee Chairman, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Secretary, Treasurer, and Den Leaders, develops budgets, approves expenses, arranges for facilities and conducts overall planning. The Committee usually meets once every quarter. The Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders are most directly involved with the Cub Scouts. Dens generally meet weekly or biweekly. It is hoped that an adult member of each Cub Scout household (not including Tiger Cubs) will participate in a volunteer position or serve on a committee. In addition to Pack Committee and Den Leader positions, Pack 922 generally tries to fill various volunteer positions (e.g., Membership Coordinator, Advancements Coordinator, Den Leader Coach, Tiger Cub Coordinator ).

How Can I Join Pack 922?
At the beginning of each school year, during our annual "Open House" membership drive, we provide information to the local elementary schools about how to join Pack 922. However, new boys are welcome to join our Pack at any time during the year. All boys in grades 1st through 5th are eligible to join from any school.

Where Does My Cub Scout Go To Purchase A Cub Scout Uniform & Handbook?
The closest location is located in Milford, CT at the Connecticut Yankee Council (Council Resource Center)
The address to the Council Store is: 60 Wellington Road, Milford, CT 06460 website information